Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The One About Exercise

I need to start exercising. (Don't worry - I'm aware I'm not all that large) but seriously...I can't just be lazy the rest of my life.

Yesterday, in a classic case of "great minds think alike," I walked out of my office and had received this text message:

"I think we should start going on walks in the afternoons when you finish with work."

And so Liz met me at my apartment and we walked 4.7 miles (Liz clocked it). That's a LONG way! It feels awesome to go exercise...except for the little bit afterward where I got in a hot shower too quickly and felt like passing out.

So - in an effort to keep up this new found love tolerance for working out, I've compiled a list of things I need want to buy. I figure spending money on things will keep me motivated. Maybe?

First and foremost - the best show in the whole world has come out with a series of exercise videos. Genius! The videos include a Cardio Funk version and a Tone and Groove version. Not only does this look fun - but it's also something to do while staying out of this muggy, stifling, Alabama heat.

Secondly - it is impossible to work out without cute clothes. I just can't feel cute and skinny in gross sweats. I have a pretty good supply of Nike shorts but I could always use more. They come in such cute colors!

but I could also use some other workout attire. A few things I would like for this fall, and when I'm inside doing my tapes...

And something like this to replace these...

There are gadgets and gizmos aplenty too. I have an iPod but I want a band so that I can run with it. Maybe I just need a smaller iPod, like a nano or a shuffle. I have weights that go around my ankles when I walk and they are surprisingly comfortable. I'm thinking about getting some like these for my arms - that way I'll have super toned arms too.

Also, a girl at my office is trying to loose some lbs. and she has been counting her steps. She is trying to walk 5,000 steps a day. I should do this. I'd get about a million just walking up the ridiculous stairs to my apartment.

I could always result to 5th grade too, we used to play with these and these ALL the time - and you know elementary school is the best place to get a good workout. HA!

And I definitely need new shoes. I'm thinking I like these...thoughts? I probably need to go discuss this with some type of footwear professional, good think I work next door to the trak shack.

So basically that is my new found goal - so let me know if you're interested in going walking with me (and Liz). We're really fun people.

**click the images to find this stuff online...online shopping is the best**

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