Monday, August 10, 2009

The One After The Lake

This weekend was the all-time best weekend ever (or at least of this particular summer). Liz and I drove up to the lake after work Friday, and spotted many interesting things.
There was a MASSIVE metal dinosaur on the side of I-20. I tried to take a picture while moving down the highway - and this is what it looked like, so while THERE WAS a large blinking question mark on the side of HWY-11, I didn't get a picture of that. Right past the question mark there was a church. I am not making this up. The sign in front of the church said...

"Don't give up -Moses was a basket case too"

And after all of that, we finally made it here...although I had to take this picture Saturday morning because when we drove in on Friday night we couldn't see a single thing...and we lounged around, and slept (for a few minutes) in the MOST COMFORTABLE beds.

South Carolina is a fabulous place. We had loads of fun. The house we stayed in was BEAUTIFUL, as was the lake it sat on. We were in the boat for the vast majority of the weekend and only had a few mishaps. We avoided running out of gas in the middle of the lake and (almost) avoided driving onto land. And we avoided anyone getting hurt as people insisted they jump off rocks.
We floated around in a cove with some other cool people, who apparently like to float around too. There was a waterfall, and a volleyball court, and a boat that really looked like a floating trailer. I definitely did not know that those existed....but they seemed entertaining.

Clearly I got sunburned because I already looked toasty in this picture and this is only halfway into Day 1. Oops. In the process of getting too crispy I did manage to develop some really cool tan lines though. I have never looked more like a raccoon in my life. Oh well, it was totally worth it. Did I mention that it was the all-time best weekend of the summer (so far)?

People skied and did some tubing...people that didn't include Liz and me.

There was more us and by the boat, which did not want to anchor all weekend and routinely had to be directed back in our general direction. Unfortunately Liz and I were zero help because neither of us have any idea how to drive a boat.

All in all it was an amazing weekend. I am so glad we decided the 5 hour (weirdly close to 4 hour) drive was worth it. The Burch's were beyond hospitable the entire time - they are the sweetest, most amazing people. Liz and I were both sad to give Burch his last huge hug for awhile...but this weekend was definitely the perfect ending to a far from perfect summer.Contented sighs all around...

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