Saturday, August 8, 2009

The One With An Amazing Wardrobe

I have discovered this new wonderful site called Polyvore, so I'm passing this invaluable information onto you. This site allows you to go through their insane wardrobe and build yourself outfits. You can also pull things from other sites and store them in your account. Best of all you can imbed them in things like - oh I don't know, a blog, and the information about your outfit is available to whoever is reading the post.

Example: I have to go to a wedding in a week, and I want something fabulous to wear. In Polyvore I am a billionaire and can afford to buy $1,000 bubblegum pink Christian Louboutins. In real life I'll wear something I already own or raid a friend's closet.

In Polyvore, I'll show up in this (and have a ridiculous body to go in it).


So go play, have fun...I'll be on the lake.

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