Monday, June 29, 2009

The One With The Day Trip

Re-cap saved from last week, it was written so I figured I'd post it, with some editing - because it didn't quite make sense anymore.

Last Friday (the 19th - which seems like a million years ago) the BF and I went out to the lake to have dinner with the Cooper family and play in the water which was so fabulous and uber-sweet of them! There were margaritas on floats, and Wiley skied on Wil's skis which was really precious. We had delicious fish on the screened porch, Dawson and I lit all the candles which I personally think made the whole dinner perfect, and then Wiley-man hit the hay and BF and I headed back into town. Such a fun afternooon, even if Alabama is 105 (million) degrees outside.

Yesterday morning BF and I headed to Ikea, where I bought shelving for the apartment and some other little things. I bought this ONE basket that fits perfectly in my bathroom but they were out of stock, so - with every intention of ordering them online - I headed home, only to discover that I can't order them online...I need to call the Charlotte store to see if they can mail me some. OH IKEA, I thought you were so convenient.

On the way home we stopped here for the best lunch EVER. I had a Frosted Orange and a chili-cheese burger and onion rings and pretty much devoured it right there at our table. Delicious, Delicious, Delicious.

When we got home the BF put together my shelves from IKEA and they turned out AWESOME, despite my moaning and groaning and some general bickering....I mean, who wouldn't bicker after a million hours in the car together, me roaming around IKEA while he pushed the cart, carrying the massive boxes up the stairs and putting together furniture.

He was great though. How nice to have a boy who is available (especially during moving time) to help with my heavy lifting. What would I do without him? Probably fall down my apartment stairs and break my back....

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  1. um i love the blog. i have so much to catch up on! i think i have something to do other than clean and organize during naptime! we loved playing at the lake with yall! missing you so!