Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The One Where I Cook

The BF cooks, I do not - but I do love to eat (mainly loads of spicy carbs) and since going to school and living without mom (or the BF for that matter) I have discovered a few staple recipes. I'm going to give you one. Now, I know this is going to sound very complicated, and it's probably going to overwhelm you all - but bear with me, we'll all get through it.

FIRST. Boil some water (with salt). I always underestimate how FREAKING long it's going to take to boil the water and then everything else is finished except the pasta - huge bummer.

SECOND. Put some pasta in the water. I love fettucini but you can use whatever really. Penne with those little ridges is also really good!

THIRD. Cut up some bell peppers, whatever color - the yellow and orange are pretty but more expensive, so save those for when you're trying to impress someone.

FORTH. Cut some chicken into bite sized pieces.

FIFTH. Put the pieces of chicken in a bowl and coat (lightly) with Tony Chachere's Creole Kitchen. This stuff is spicy so use at your own risk - this isn't a heavy batter kids.

SIXTH. In a sauce pan, cook chicken for a few minutes (almost all the way done, with just a little bit left to go in the sauce, so maybe 4?)

SEVENTH. Add the bell peppers and cook for a minute or so - just to get them tender, and not super fresh and crunchy.

EIGHTH. Add cream, enough to cover the chicken and make some sauce. You need to cook enough chicken, peppers and cream for the amount of people who will be eating this. Guesstimation is the name of the game.

NINTH. Add Tony Chachere's to your heart's content - just keep tasting the sauce to make sure you're not going to have a runny nose during dinner.

TENTH. Eat. Toast some French bread and butter it - all good meals are served with bread!

See...that wasn't so hard. If you want a more scientific version of this (read: you're a rule follower) then try this one from RecipeZaar, 726 people averaged it 5 stars so it must be pretty good!

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