Monday, June 15, 2009

The One Where I Fill You In

  • Date Night - had dinner with friend and made fun of crazy waitress lady. Intended to watch movies (which I have now forgotten to return on time! crap), went to sleep.
  • Lunch with the BF and his mom - because power was out at his house and my apartment and no one wanted to cook.
  • Dinner party on the screened porch, had revelations about my future life, am now going to be a top-notch seamstress.
  • Went to church where it thundered so loudly, everyone thought God was going to blow us all to smithereens. Church band acted a fool.
  • Sat at my house, ordered lunch, looked for flashlights, watched DVDs on the computer - because my house lost power.
  • Went to apartment - where we DID have power finally.
  • Ate this at the BF's house with his whole family.
  • Went to sleep.
Pretty uneventful if I do say so myself. At least a tree didn't fall on my head, or my car, or my apartment. And of course now that I'm at work for the week it's bright and sunshinny and the sister will get to lay out by the pool all day - while I blog about it.

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