Sunday, June 14, 2009

The One With The Fun Dinner Party

The BF's sweet brother and sister-in-law had us over for dinner Saturday night. They just bought a brand new house and it's adorable! They've gotten so much done it's really just ridiculous. This was officially the first outings sans the BF's parentals so that was new and fun! We had lots of girl time (I'm assuming the boy's had boy time but I didn't participate) and eventually headed home to SLEEP.

The SIL is going to learn to sew with me which I am super excited about - how useful would it be if you could make your own cute pillows and things? I figure it'll save money too, curtains and pillows and things are EXPENSIVE! She's also much more domestic than me and has learned to smock little kids clothes, which she promises to teach me, but I might h
old out on that (at least until my married friends have babies...I'm waiting on Wiley's future sister.) BUT, the pillows and things I can handle.

I've officially decided that my first project should be simple so I think I'm going to try to do a tshirt quilt. I have a million tshirts and since I'm a crazy packrat I don't want to give them away - sooo, tshirt quilt here I come. It doesn't seem that hard, just sewing together some pieces of fabric right? Probably just need a little practice - I figure sewing a million pieces of fabric together will be GOOD practice, I'll probably be a sewing genius after that!!

Anyone know anything about sewing machines? Are there good ones and bad ones? Where do you buy them? OH CONFUSING.

Am I going to look like this woman?

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  1. ummm wiley can wear hand-sown clothes now. but i guess he is maybe getting close to being too old. sad. tanya tried to teach me to smock when i was pregnant. it was unsuccessful. i still have the stuff somewhere. i also tried to crossstitch a stocking for wiley for christmas. i started before he was born, or maybe that first year, and it is still incomplete. i think smockingbird does lessons (def. smocking maybe others) and you know mrs lauri smocks and probably knows about other stuff too (she and someone else made wiley a beautiful day gown)