Friday, June 12, 2009

The One With The Weekend Plans

1. Starbursts are most wonderful candy in the entire world. Seriously, delicious - and perfect for hiding in your desk for a quick sweet.

2. Has anyone seen any good movies lately? We're doing date night tonight and I get to pick - I'm hoping I can pick something that isn't awful.

3. The fam is out of town for the weekend, and everyone is refusing to go to the grocery store - problems. I'm going to need someone to supply me with food.

4. I'm going to sleep this weekend - sleep on the couch, sleep in my apartment, sleep by the POOL. I'm so exhausted from this week, maybe this whole work thing is starting to get to me.

5. In my break from work maybe I'll go looking for some fun things for my apartment, there's definitely a wish list but I'm not sure how many of the cute stores in Birmingham are into the whole beg and barter system.

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