Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The One With The House

There is officially a key on my key ring.

It's so interesting how different a house looks with no furniture. I finally noticed that the color of the walls in by bedroom vaguely resembles baby poop, that the kitchen is VERY red, and some of the rooms seem smaller (or bigger).

We've got three weekends to move, paint, re-tile, re-carpet, and a whole lot of other things!

I'm looking forward to all of that...but even more than those things, and the "fixin' up" process - there are five really HUGE things I am looking forward to even more.

Like having a dishwasher, and a disposal, and trashcans that are not three horrific flights of stairs and half a mile over treacherous craters away. I'm pretty sure our kitchen is going to be 12 times as sanitary - and hopefully clean.

Or - having a thermostat, which in and of itself means that there is air conditioning and heat that is INSIDE of our house. No more crazy radiator noise....

Our precious laundry room. Won't it be nice to have actual storage for things like bleach, and cleaning supplies and an iron? Storage that isn't sitting perilously close to things we cook in or eat off of.

And speaking of pots and pans...won't it be nice not to have to wash them BEFORE using them, because our horrific cabinets are built all cattywompus and opening and closing the doors results in a nasty pile of wood shavings landing on the cookware.

I'm also really excited about having windows that close all the way instead of just ignoring the onslaught of lady bugs and refusing to acknowledge where they actually came from.

And bliss...a back yard, with a patio, and patio furniture. Grass that's ours, and a place to sit where you're not watching everyone and their mom drive down the street - or your neighbors have police-inducing screaming matches.

I do have one MAJOR goal before moving out of our apartment. It is very important that I find out who the kids are that live in the other half of the building, where they are going at all hours of the night, why they never go to school on time, where their parents are, and IF these kids are even related.

Kids...if you're reading this, come over - let's have a chat - because you're life completely confuses me.

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