Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The One In 1994

Contrary to what Urban is trying to tell themselves...this is NOT a romper. This is a pair of overall shorts. I has some when I was 8, in different colors too. I recognize an overall short when I see it. Light denim, dark denim, khaki. It was not a good phase of my life - and I do not plan on repeating it.

I was fine when things began coming back in style. I actually kind of love the 40's, and I appreciate a few bits of the 80's (namely leggings). Flapper dresses, sequins and feathers are fabulous, so a revival of The Great Gatsby worked fine for me. The 70's were fine- especially the whole maxi dress situation and the return of braids. But OH MY WORD, please leave the 90's out of it. It was HORRIBLE the first time. It was like a massive - can't get out of my bed without getting sick - hangover from the worse parts of the 80's.

Gap - you need to read this too. Acid wash is NOT back, please don't spend the rest of the year popping out 8 different kinds of denim jackets. And I would greatly appreciate it if you would remove this monstrosity from the world entirely. Seriously people...get creative. It's only been 15 years or so since we were wearing these heinous things the first time around.

DISCLAIMER: I apologize to anyone who reads this blog and has recently purchased overalls - in long, short or jumper form - but since you're my friends and I like you ... I feel fairly confident that you have not in fact jumped on this bandwagon. If you have, it's my own humble opinion that you should go ahead and take that right on back to the store.

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