Monday, March 1, 2010

The One About March

You can still feel a pretty bitter chill in the air around here (wore a coat into work today), but I'm getting VERY close to retiring my sweater dresses and starting in with lots of layers. Once March rolls around I'm tired of tights and wool and ready for cotton and espadrilles. The new J.Crew catalog is NOT helping. Have you seen this thing? Gorgeousness (perfect for my birthday - exactly one month from today).

Also coming up in this first week of March...The Bachelor season finale (I know that this show is ridiculous...but it's also addicting), ALICE IN WONDERLAND comes out on Thursday (and it's my brother's birthday), and hopefully I'm going to convince my friends to go to Chili Cook-Off on Saturday. Especially since it's going to be a reasonably pretty day!

So happy March everybody!

Oh...and over the weekend I spotted some daffodils in my parent's front yard. See? Spring. Eventually.

** disclaimer - no I'm probably not actually going to buy that romper, but isn't it precious?

UPDATE: Am I hallucinating or have all the trailers up until this week had March 4th as the release date for Alice? I guess we'll go on Friday...

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