Thursday, February 18, 2010

The One About Puppies

The roomie and I have been discussing our "future puppy" a lot lately. My parent's are like broken records with the "You don't need a puppy" routine...but I disagree. The rooms is allergic to puppies that shed, so I've been researching dogs that won't make her wheeze until she passes out on the floor and dies. That would be bad.

So far, I've discovered two things. First - small dogs are more allergy friendly, and I am REALLY against teeny tiny yappy things. Except for maybe this one - he's so cute! Second, apparently anything mixed with a Poodle ends up not shedding. Nice. So far - I've come up with these suggestions.


And that's it. I don't like terriers really, I definitely don't like hairless dogs, I don't really like schnauzers. This guy is pretty cute but I think having to deal with his hair would be a little bit out of control. He's a Puli - in case you've just been introduced to your new best friend.

My only major concern is this - how do I know that my dog is going to look more that a golden than a doodle. This one is a miniature golden doodle, and he's ADORABLE, but some of them have that weird standard poodle stance that I am NOT a fan of.

I'm so confused. Do any of y'all have suggestions?

I need a big dog that's not going to kill my roommate, is soft and cuddly, refrains from drooling (especially into their beards) and will be perfectly fine in our future fenced in back yard. Ok, thanks.

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  1. virginia is hypoallergenic. But since you don't like terriers I guess you wouldn't like Virginia. (Or the welsh or lakeland terriers that are also hypoallergenic and ungodly cute.) see:

    Another suggestion, I know it isn't as fun but you should consider a rescue dog. Pick a breed and see if they have any rescue groups out there!