Friday, January 22, 2010

The One About Matthew Mayfield

I have been tweeting about this (in one form or another) for a obnoxious hunk of today. Yes, I tweet (@mfmcdougald). But last night Matthew Mayfield, a fellow Birminghamian and very good family friend found his music playing during those last - very dramatic - moments of Grey's Anatomy. It was wonderful. Might be one of my favorite songs he's ever done. It's definitely him (I was 95% asleep on the couch, trying to stay up until his song played and was promptly awake at the first few words) but one of the more easily understood vocals. It's really wonderful. You can check out the video here.

Or run to iTunes and look it up.

Also, he's playing at Workplay tonight as a part of a benefit for Haiti. If you're in the Birmingham area I STRONGLY suggest you come! Workplay is such a fun venue, and who can turn down something like this for such a good cause! Tickets are $10, or about $13 is you're buying online.

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