Monday, November 23, 2009

The One About Ten Things

I was tagged by Dawson at Wake Forest Mama, so here's my little list.

Also, check out Liz's list who has graced the blog-world with her presence one more time...maybe she's back for a short stint on Little Interruptions?

1. obvious: my family, and our very rare meals together. Last night all five of us went out to dinner - we're a pretty fun bunch.

2. my amazing, fabulous, wonderful, incredible, could-not-live-without-you friends. we've been through more than is really fair - but we're still together. i love y'all. (and Wednesday night take-out + horribly funny television)

3. Texas, and all the sweet people that are far away from me. I'm so looking forward to Miami, Phoenix, Pasadena? A girl can dream.... (and on a related note - TCU football makes me really happy, especially when Georgia football is making me so sad)

4. Caramel Apple Cider at Starbucks (doesn't everyone have a warm drink that makes them happy, and toasty-warm inside?)

5. Dresses. Specifically of the cocktail variety. I LOVE new dresses. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

6. Books. Books I've read, books I haven't read. Old books, new books. Book shelves filled with books. Bookmarks. Stacks of books on my bedside table. My future Kindle with all of it's future e-books. You get the point.

7. This blanket from Restoration Hardware. We have one in my apartment, and one at my parent's house - it's amazing. The absolute best thing to cuddle up in when you're cold, or tired, or sick, or all of the above.

8. Mexico Lindo Zona Rosa, and the fact that we've been eating there (at least) once a week since I was a little kid. It makes me really happy that everyone who works there knows my whole family, and their queso cheese dip is really yummy. It also kind of ties into another one of my favorite things - margaritas (specifically from Yucatan Taco Stand in Fort Worth).

9. Winter clothes. Sweaters and scarves and coats and mittens and boots and earmuffs (if I had anywhere to wear them).

10. Pictures. Some by really fabulous professionals...but mostly my own. Some of the funniest things show up on my camera!

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