Monday, November 30, 2009

The One About A Boiled Peanut

I have a charm bracelet, which I absolutely love. It's all James Avery - which happened after spending some quality time in Texas, and as if on cue...they built a store right here at The Summit when I graduated. I've gotten charms for Christmas, and birthdays, and graduation. Plus - there are a couple of charms by James Avery I have my eye on for this year.

Well today, in my Garden and Gun newsletter (they always bring me the most interesting things) I saw an advertisement for Dixie Patches. This is the cutest little store! And they have charms. Precious, southern charms.


Wait. That boiled peanut charm costs how much??

I mean, I know there are those adorable little pearls inside mimicking peanuts...but SERIOUSLY.

Well, if anyone has an extra $180 lying around be sure to wrap up this little pretty and stick it under my Christmas tree.

I would also appreciate that pretty mint julep cup, and the signature bow. Don't worry - you can steer clear of that palmetto bug, the call-me-a-ride keg and the shotgun shell. I'm pretty sure I don't need the quintessential beer holder of all colleges world-wide dangling in beautiful sterling silver from my wrist (or the ammo for the shotgun my brother uses to kill deer - although that one is less expensive).

And I guess so begins the Christmas season...with the first blatant addition to my wish list.

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