Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The One About Halloween Costumes

Fort Worth was so incredibly fun. I have the greatest friends - but I've never been so exhausted in my life and I'm JUST NOW starting to recover. It's a little bit amazing how much I miss Texas. I loved college, but I never in my life thought I would want to go back. This weekend the thought was definitely creeping into the back of my mind (if by "back of my mind" I really meant I definitely wanted to move back the entire time).

Maybe one day.

Don't freak out Mom.

Don't you love my Max costume? He's adorable right? It worked out perfectly (except for the part about it being 1,000 degrees above the temperature of the sun). There were also construction workers, hippies, Lady Gaga, and a giant elephant running around. Halloween is just generally amazing.

We went to Chimy's and then the brand new Pour House on Friday night. Saturday we tailgated and then changed into Halloween costumes for The Aardvark. Back in the dark ages (my freshman year) a band called Taylor and Young used to play all the time but since they're a couple of years older than me, they graduated and left town. Boo. But - in a blaze of "I'm a Freshman" glory they were back Saturday night - at The Aardvark no less.

Generally the weekend was amazing, and made me think I was a. 18-years-old and b. ancient all at the same time. It's definitely an incredibly weird feeling.

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