Friday, October 2, 2009

The One With Great Outfits

A lot of blogs out there in the universe have weekly or even daily features that are done in the same format for each go-around. Take Pearls of Wit's Friday Five, or Oh Joy!'s This & That. So far you've seen a LOT of Polyvore - but get ready to see more. I figure great outfits are always fun, so each and every Friday (if I don't end up being a very big slacker) I'll be making myself another outfit to add to my future-dreamworld wardrobe. So - TA DA. I present...the very first.

Don't worry - I realize that I am the least likely person to buy a gold clutch that clasps together with a tiny little skull - but I actually think it works in this case. Plus, everything else is pretty classic - a simple top, nude pumps, hair pulled back and pinned up. I'm pretty sure I would LOVE this outfit in real life. Only problem - I'd probably have to hem the skirt, and at that price cutting off a few inches is like wasting hundreds of dollars.


  1. Thanks for the shout out and what a cute blog. Do we have mutual friends? Between Birmingham and advertising... and the obvious Friends allusion with the post titles, I feel like we should know each other!

  2. love this outfit and your blog!

  3. Lindsay - actually a friend of mine recommended your blog, and I love it so I've been keeping up. I'd bet we have mutual friends though, Birmingham's not that big a place!