Friday, October 30, 2009

The One About Simplicity

Sometimes the prettiest outfits are also the simplest. A great dress, some jewelry, a bag to carry your things around and heels are easy to put together (if you have the dough) and easy to pull off. Keeping the shapes and colors simple makes any outfit easy to wear. This one is no exception.

I have a thing for DANNIJO jewelry (which all of these pieces are) and think they're the perfect way to bring a little glamour and edge to this dress. Plus, I love red heels.

I'm leaving for TCU's Homecoming this afternoon and I have a little Polyvore related post ready for the morning. Hopefully I'm not going to jinx the frogs...if we're number 6 this week, imagine what we'll be next week after we pummel UNLV.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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