Thursday, September 10, 2009

The One With Funny Things

Funny things, lately...

I went to this last night. Is that nerdy? Probably. I'm hopefully going to learn to not want to buy things I don't have money to buy, although that is pretty doubtful - it's worth a shot, right? The BF came with me, which was fun, but we were the youngest people by 10 years and the only ones not married, or headed that way. Oh well, we can be nerdy together.

My mom and my sister decided it would be fun to meet each other and go shopping in Atlanta yesterday, without me. Really? I understand that I have to work, but so does my mother (technically) and my sister's (technically) supposed to go be in college, so even if she doesn't have to go to class - shouldn't she be in the library or something? They were very sweet and bought be a few fun things. MOST IMPORTANTLY, a black cardigan which is HUGE in my daily struggle to get dressed for work. I'm thinking I'll wear it tomorrow, when I'm allowed to go to work in jeans.

I had the flu, and it was awful - somehow I felt much better yesterday and I never took any medicine (stronger than Aleve), and now I'm sniffling which feels totally unrelated to my prior illness. I usually get a cold about the time the weather wants to change, is that now? Maybe my first disease wasn't really the flu...maybe someone just wanted to play a really funny joke on me and I will eventually really get the flu and it will be miserable and I will REALLY want to die. Actually, that wouldn't really be all that funny, now would it? I'm going to Walgreens to buy some Cold and Sinus over lunch, so hopefully that will take care of my sniffles.

A tiny, not supposed to be very difficult to manage (because the company we're working with is SUPPOSED to be handling everything) little online coupon campaign has been such a pain in my rear end that it makes me think I have recently been run over by a 18-wheeler. Online coupons are the devil. Seriously, the devil.

Apparently now is the time to get married. Two people in the last two days.

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