Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The One About Art

I want to go to this. I'm almost positive I can get Liz to come with me, I'm just hoping some other people will want to too.

Ok, thanks.

This image is by an artist, Claire Cormany, who is showing in one of the galleries (Gallery Lofts) during Artwalk...and also works in my office. She's fabulous in real life too. Click on the image to head over to her site.


  1. So sorry you had the flu. Hope you are feeling better!

    I LOVE claire. I met/worked with her when I was at portico and flower interning. She is SO cool and SO talented! Jealous she works with you!

    and i would totally go to artwalk if it was like 2 weeks later. be on the lookout for fun stuff for us to do!

  2. yes, she's fabulous, and i'm going to con my way into beautiful art for my boring walls. we discussed our many connections, mainly conrad - he's like omniscient or something, maybe not all knowing, but at least knowing all people.

  3. sounds like fun....we shall talk about it over our dinner date! yay!