Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The One With Questions

Why, Dave Ramsey - oh master of debt free living, are you trying to convince people (who clearly need financial assistance) to purchase one of your many books? Don't you think that's a little counter productive.

I'm trying to NOT stuff my face all day. Why would someone in my office bring their homemade Grapico ice cream in for sharing?

Have you ever left somewhere, or ended a conversation, and remembered the whole thing - except the part where you actually left or said goodbye. I frequently get off the phone and can't remember whether or not I said goodbye, or told them I'd call. Did I just hang up on that person? Today after lunch with my friend Liz, I got on 280 and thought - what just happened? Am I supposed to be calling her later? Did she say that yes, indeed, she was going to come to dinner tonight? Eventually I remember. Maybe I need to be taking some kind of weirdo memory supplement from GNC.

Sorry Liz, it's not that you're not memorable...

...it's just my brain doesn't function normally.

Maybe I'm just so ahead of the game that my brain can't handle it and it needs to skip over parts.

Maybe not.

1 comment:

  1. I am a very memorable person thank you very much! oh and started blogging again.