Friday, August 14, 2009

The One With Five

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1. My sister comes home from Austria today! I know she's not all that excited...but I am! Too bad she's going straight back to school. I won't even see her until football season starts!

2. Two of the BF's pledge brothers are coming in town for the weekend, so we're going to come up with some really fun things to do in this super entertaining town.

3. I'm tempted to get up tomorrow morning and head over to Trisha's Treasures in Homewood. It seems like the coolest shop, and depending on how pricey things are, I could definitely use a few nick nacks and gizmos to make the apartment feel a little more "lived in." I'll let you know how it goes.

4. Do you ever get a craving for nothing in particular - just really good food? That's me now. I'll kill someone if they suggest eating at Billy's tonight. We may be going there to hear a band, but bar food is not topping my list of delicious things to eat today.

The BF gave me an iPod, because I said I really needed one. So hi! thanks for the iPod. When he played in the national championships for golfing they gave him a shuffle, and there's no harm in regifting if you know the person will really like it! I'm going to use it tomorrow on my run/walk.

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