Thursday, August 6, 2009

The One About TLC

The things that appear on the average person's television are ridiculous. Not to mention that these shows become popular, so people are actually out there watching them on a routine basis.

My dad hasn't quite finished doing whatever needs doing to make my washer and dryer function. Lucky for me, my mom has been doing all of my laundry - folding it, and handing it back perfectly sorted.

Last night I went over to watch the finale of the best show to ever be created (by a creepy old man) and have some laundry done. After SYTYCD I had to wait for my sheets to be finished so that I wouldn't have to sleep on my mattress.

This downtime resulted in watching a little more television, and I was privileged enough to witness this.

I realize these people all live in West Virginia (were contestants in the West Virginia Walk of Fame), and their homes either have - or once had, wheels...BUT THERE IS NO REASON FOR A 6-YEAR-OLD TO LOOK LIKE THIS. TLC seriously needs to stop promoting crazy people. One woman admitted last night that she had spent close to $4,000 on the pageant. Her child won - so maybe it was worth it, but $4,000 - on a PAGEANT? FOR A CHILD?

TLC has done enough damage with...

Jon and Kate + 8

18 Kids and Counting
I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant
Little People Big World
Miami Ink
Table for 12

and now Police Women of Broward County

I know they started out with A Baby Story, A Dating Story (no longer worthy of a page), A Makeover Story and A Wedding Story but they've expanded into all sorts of crazy reality shows now - at least the people were halfway normal back in the day (with the exception of the routine water bath, at home birth).

I don't think the WHOLE network needs to be cut completely. There are some wonderful little gems like Take Home Chef, Say Yes To The Dress and What Not To Wear but seriously - Toddlers and Tiaras? Even the name is just wrong.

Get it together TLC. There must be something out there to keep your network afloat without helping these parents act like maniacs.


Very Concerned That Your Judges Are Pedophiles

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  1. I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant is the most terrifying show on television hands down. Wait maybe 18 Kids and Counting is more frightening...can't decide.