Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The One About Gardens and Guns

There is this amazing magazine floating around the South. My dad found it via some fellow magazine industry people, and now it appears at our house once a month. For $17.97 you can get a subscription (and I think you should) but for FREE, you can be a member of the site and receive their newsletter every once in awhile.

The magazine in the flesh is really the best part. It contains beautiful photography, is made out of really heavy wonderful paper, and the articles are legitimately interesting. But, for FREE you can get a newsletter in your Gmail. I received mine this afternoon and the article it contained was this.

For the
very tiny price of $6,000 - you can make an entire barrel of your personal wine at Vint Hill Craft Winery near Washington, D.C. Apparently a barrel of wine is about the same as 300 bottles, so that works out to about $20 a bottle. In case you're interested, the article has all of the contact information for the winery. Anyone out there NOT have $6,000 to blow on personalized wine? I think it sounds like a pretty smart investment.


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