Friday, June 19, 2009

The One Where I Have Thoughts

The Cloister on Sea Island (via Southern Accents)

1. This might be the first pretty weekend we have all summer (I probably just jinxed it). It's been HOT AS BLUE BLAZES all week, sunny and I haven't seen one drop fall from the sky. Hopefully this will continue until at least Monday!

2. The U.S. Open might be on this weekend but the BF and I are traveling to Atlanta to go to IKEA. I AM SO EXCITED, the BF is not. Oh well, I can't drive all the way over there by myself and the other BF (best friend) is studying for two tests next week. BOO school.

3. When I grow up I'm going to own my own business. My boss is leaving this weekend to go to the Outer Banks for three weeks. How wonderful! I would die to go to the beach. This picture is The Cloister at Sea Island - one of my all time favorite places, and the location of my mom's recent week long beach trip - child abandoner.

4. However, I am lucky enough to have two fabulous friends who have invited the BF and I out to the lake for the evening. Work is on the way out there so I'm hitting the road from there. We're going to relax, swim and play with their precious child.

5. Have a happy weekend! So far, mine sounds relaxing (well see...)

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