Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The One Where I'm Hoping You'll Pray

Most of you know, I'm not usually the one asking for things - especially prayers, but my boss is having a hard time. I absolutely adore her, she took me under her wing two years ago as a baby intern when I had NO idea what I was doing, she let me work on some major stuff last summer, and this year she fought and fought - in an awful economy - to get me my fabulous, full-time job. She's generally a superhero, she has a massive job and up until now she's been doing it all on her own. One of the major reasons she got an assistant is that she is PREGNANT!! I was so so excited when I heard the news, she and the hubs had been trying to have a baby and it finally happened, but this week has been impossibly hard for her. I can't even begin to comprehend what she's dealing with right now. On her "babymoon" this week she ended up in the emergency room 3 different times because baby wanted to go ahead and be apart of the world. Yesterday she went to the doctor and stayed home from work - rest, relax, recharge. On her way into work this morning the doctor called and told her to come in so they could check on "decreased fetal activity." I'm not a doctor so I really have no idea what that means or if it is as bad as it sounds but she certainly looked scared. SO. I'm asking that y'all be thinking about her today (and for the next 10 weeks), and the baby. I know she could really use some heavenly help.

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