Friday, June 5, 2009

The One Where We Go On A Double Date

Guess where I'm going tonight!?

The BF is back in town tonight, and since he's especially grumpy and sleepy and has been driving a U-Haul since 9am, I thought this would be the PERFECT night for crazy downtown beer drinking (poor choice me...) Oh well, he'll be happy when we get down to Sloss Furnace and it's jam packed with crazy Alabamians and people wanting to give us beer. It's completely sold out so I'm going to go ahead and assume some of these people have been before and loved it. Recently Alabama decided we needed more ways to get drunk so Bob Riley signed a bill letting us sell beer that is over 13% alcohol, and now this is one major celebration. Since a few of my friends were poor planners and didn't get tickets enough in advance (by that I mean yesterday afternoon...) they won't be attending, but my best friend (Emmy) and
her BF (Paul) are going so it kind of turned into an impromptu, super fun double date.

I'll be sure to take loads of pictures....I can't really imagine what kind of people are going to be at this shindig.

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