Friday, June 5, 2009

The One Where I Start A Blog

I'm starting a bit late, but this is the 11th day of my life on my own. In my opinion, exactly 11 days too many! So far, I've gotten a FABULOUS job, starting working, found a roommate, signed a lease, attempted to begin moving in, made a budget (with the help of my more mathematically inclined boyfriend), decided which stocks I wanted in my 401k (huh?), and learned how to paint furniture. I'm sure the list will continue to grow.

I'm working in an advertising agency which is pretty much my dream job (except for the one semester where I thought I wanted to be a lawyer) and I'm starting to get small little glimpses of what I might get to do in the future, all by myself. Right now their just trying to teach me not to lose millions of dollars for our clients. It's odd how much you DON'T learn about agencies in school. You would think college would prepare you for the real world. It doesn't. It makes you think you're prepared but when you get out it's really more like being thrown down a flight of stairs into some completely off world where you have to support yourself and worry about being homeless.

I'm starting this thing for two reasons. Most importantly, I sit in front of a computer all day and I need something fun to do. I guess that means if I stop blogging for awhile you can assume (probably incorrectly, but I'll let it slide) that I have tons of important work to do. Secondly, I went to school in Texas, live in Alabama, have friends in Missouri, Hollywood, New York, Nashville, Tuscaloosa, Virginia, Atlanta, St. Louis and I'm sure it is only going to get worse. I want to keep track of them, and let them keep track of me. I'm not very good at phone conversations, which I guess is surprising since I spent all of college dating a boy in Virginia, but I'm not. I'm not good at the actual conversation and I'm REALLY not good at remembering to call people back. So. This is it, at least without much effort.

I'm not sure this blog is going to be very entertaining. I'm sure there will be some funny posts, and I'm sure their will be some interesting ones, and I'm sure every once in awhile I'll come up with something relatively important BUT I don't think you'll enjoy this much if you don't know me. I'm pretty sure you won't think I'm very entertaining (not that the people who know me think I'm entertaining). But you never know, I might surprise myself (and you).

So, here we go.

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