Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The One From London - Bits and Pieces

I figured I better get a few pictures up. These are just a few of the 403 that I actually took - but it's a pretty good summary. Wimbledon will get it's own post - don't worry, and I'll try to get it together enough to write down everything we did.

Overall, it was absolutely the most wonderful vacation. I told Dawson towards the end of my trip that it had been absolutely perfect. I think I spent the perfect amount of time in London. I'm sure the Coopers were ready to get rid of me by the time Monday rolled around ... and too be honest, I was ready to get back to real life too.

There are so many seriously amazing things about London (and I think maybe Europe in general) - I can't wait to force my friends in Birmingham into a few things I've decided are good ideas.

More blogging on that to come.

Anyways, I had an absolutely incredible time and I am so so thankful to my sweet friends. Dawson was such a wonderful hostess and did everything she could to make me feel right at home (which I did), and Wil was great at forcing us to make decisions, giving all sorts of great ideas for things and places to see during the day. I'm just bummed his office didn't want him to take the whole week off to hang out with me. Oh, and he's a pretty darn good chef too - who knew!?

Also : because their sweet friend Grant told me I had to spread the word .... all this business about rain in London is just false. It was absolutely gorgeous. Sunny everyday (except for a brief stint before Wimbledon) and warm. Total bliss, and completely unexpected.

Buckingham Palace

Westminster Abbey (round 1)

London = red telephone booths

Big Ben + House of Parliament

Wimbledon (excuse the fact that I look like a drowned rat - we were unprepared for a minor rain shower while we "queued")

A tiny castle, and a tiny human

Yeoman Warder, aka "Beefeater" and funniest person in London

Anne Boleyn's wedding present, the "Queen's House" - too bad the hubs had her head chopped off before she got to move in

Tower Bridge

The Victoria and Albert Museum

Harrod's = amazingness. Helen - this is your kind of place.

Bubble blowing - and my favorite little boy ever

Who is also an awesome photographer...and took the rest of these pictures. Word to the wise - cameras are great entertainment for 4-year-olds.

After Portobello Road market

and in the garden for a symphony concert

(am I trying to catch the "football" ball?)

The End.

** I'm just now realizing I wore white and blue clothing the entire time. This blog post is also a tiny little glimpse into my wardrobe. White and blue, white and blue. That's just ridiculous.

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