Saturday, May 1, 2010

The One About Derby Day

Happy Derby Day!

My parents are in Louisville right now with a friend of my dad's who owns one of the horses running today, so everybody put your money on Mission Impazible! I'm beyond jealous, but they're hopefully bringing back presents...

My mom is definitely NOT a hat person, so we've been pulling together outfits for what feel like FOREVER, and dad wore a pink and green paisley tie to The Oaks yesterday. How interesting...

I guess these are the fun things you get to do when you're semi-empty-nesters. I'll be at home babysitting they're puppy-child.

I think based on my need to own hats and pretty dresses...I really should have been invited to this shindig as well. Wouldn't today be so much better spent wearing this...


UPDATE: Congratulations to Super Saver, and that sleezy looking man who won the $100,000 bet.

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