Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The One With A Top Ten

I cannot possibly explain every wonderful thing that happened this weekend, so here is a list of ten (and this isn't even really a top ten, because I'm sure that I'm missing something)

In no particular order...

1. mini key lime pies + muds at the club for birthday dinner with the fam
2. the most delicious pasta (after being totally bummed that Bettola took my favorite off the menu for Spring) and the best friends ever to have birthday dinner with
3. sitting outside at 26 with my mom on one of the first pretty nights of Spring (aka my birthday)
4. my sister and her sweet friend Liz coming home for Easter my birthday
5. Birmingham has the most amazing T.J.Maxx, and a super awesome shopping trip with mom
6. the fact that my roommate has the most incredible class of 5-year-olds who let me read to them and thought I was the Easter bunny (oops - that's probably my fault)
7. Starburst jelly beans, York peppermint patties and bunny charms for my bracelet in my Easter basket
8. day parties at Paul's - his birthday was just as fun as mine!
9. getting my hair colored (and shortened)
10. having to block out 15 seats in church for the best people ever to be celebrating Easter with

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