Monday, April 19, 2010

The One About Closing Day

Wednesday is a really bid day in my apartment! My sweet roommate is responsible, and proactive and all sorts of good things that eventually lead to her buying a house! It's so stinkin' cute and I absolutely can't wait to move in! How nice that we'll have a yard (for my future puppy), a dishwasher (yes, we've been living without a dishwasher - horrendous!), a garbage disposal, normal-built in-not hanging out the window air conditioning and NO STAIRS.

Ah, bliss.

The next couple of weekends are going to be busy! I'm going to have everything (light enough for me to carry down the stairs) moved out in the next couple of weeks and then Memorial Day will result in some professional mover type people that will come get all of our heavy furniture. I've already wrangled my brother into coming up from Auburn one weekend to help (hopefully he remembers that).

I've been thinking about all the fun things we're going to do once we move in. I'm going to cook more often (it helps when you're not frightened of bug bodies getting into your food) and I want to try something really fun. I've always loved those delicious blueberry muffins that have the crumblies on top. Maybe these?

Or maybe we'll start making our own bread? HA! Don't I sound domestic? That's probably going to last all of 1 day.

We've also talked about getting patio furniture and a hammock to have in the back yard. The owners have one now but it's all moldy and disgusting...hopefully that's moving with them!

Wouldn't it be fun to have a couple of precious Adirondack chairs too!?

We'll have a grill to cook hamburgers on, the fabulous prior-owners put in outdoor maybe making those work should be added to my brother's to-do list.

I literally cannot wait to be able to walk outside the door and be standing on grass. Right now, I walk out of my apartment door into a nasty stairwell that is generally being occupied by 15 different kinds of spiders and is constantly making me think I'm about to tumble to my death (my sister almost did once...)

Anyways, that's the update on my life - I hope y'all have had a great couple of weeks and that my absence hasn't affected you TOO much. HA!

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