Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The One About The Bike

Don't worry, I am aware that I'm about to get made fun of (the roomie and I have already had this conversation), but I have now decided I want a bike. We're moving into the most adorable house and it is exactly 0.4 miles from Publix. Sweet.

I'm also a few miles from Crestline and Mountain Brook Villages. Wouldn't that be fun in the summer!? I could bike right over to Mountain Brook Creamery which would work off all of the calories eaten once I got there.

Can't you see me riding my bike to Publix and bringing home groceries? I could just run down for a carton of icecream, or when we run out of sugar.

For those of you who read my blog routinely...are you starting to get whiplash from all the absurd decisions I've come to lately?

I'm looking on Cahaba Cycles for now (which can get pretty pricey) but I'm thinking if I figure out what I'm looking for, and can talk to someone in real life (aka in Cahaba Cycles) then maybe I can find it somewhere cheaper with a little bit of research.

I'm looking in the Commuter/Town section. Someone tell me if that's wrong.

So far I've found these...

You can click on the images for a link. Yes, they are expensive.

I've read an article that says the best time to buy a bike is in July or August - apparently that's when shops put them on sale? Who knows, but that's perfect for me. A major lump sum is going to be spent in June so maybe I'll have over-saved for that!? Doubtful, but you never know...

Don't worry, I've already thought about how to locate a reasonably attractive helmet. I absolutely HATE helmets, but apparently it's illegal not to wear them and I don't really want to smash my head on the ground when I go hurling toward the pavement.

Anyone else what to get a bike with me?

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  1. YES! I want a bike so bad...I'm going to be looking for one in London with a seat for W so I can take him to school. Obvi I want a basket. Get the Liberty of London bike at Target! So pretty. So, yes, I will bike with you when we are home!!