Saturday, October 17, 2009

The One About Rain

I'm not kidding when I say that Alabama is DROWNING. It's been raining for weeks straight. Every time it rains I wish I had these.

But let's be honest - $115 for a pair of rain boots is MUCHOS expensive. So...I did some research and I found a pair on eBay for $35. That's like getting these boots for 70% off. Granted, the site said they had some "blooming" - but I did MORE research on that and "blooming" is a normal thing that happens to boots - and it can be wiped off with a wet rag. Hm.

There might also be some scuffing - but HELLO eBay - these are rainboots, not evening shoes.

Long story short, I bought them.

If they don't work - then I spend $35 dollar (and NO shipping - because that was free) - to know that I don't love them. Not bad if you ask me.

Now all I need is a few more puddles....

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