Monday, October 19, 2009

The One About My Closet

I spent this weekend switching out my summer clothes for yummy, cozy, sweaters and only hit one snag. Well, two really. I thought I had lost my tights and had a small panic moment. These are not regular tights, and they're not regularly priced. BUT, if you drop the money on these babies you will understand that these are the WORLD'S BEST tights. Ever. In the history of the universe. Needless to say, I was stressed about having to replace them.

The other snag is this: I have unpacked everything, and I am missing a box. The most frustrating thing is that I know what is in it. There's a purple dress, some tan tweed pants, I'm pretty sure there are a pair of brown cropped pants...and that just makes me wonder what else is there. It's a whole box. There must be some dresses somewhere...

It's the most frustrating thing in the whole universe.

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