Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The One About London

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Two of my very best friends are moving to London. Unfortunately they both have to go because they're married, and they have to take their child too. HUGE bummer. But, I just figured out a way to travel to London and not pay for it. Excellent.

The woman who sent me my free copy of The White Queen, and who let me do this, has now sent me the link to a contest offering a free trip to London. They're going to fly me over, let me live in a hotel for awhile, send me on a dinner cruise on the Thames, give me a American Express gift card, and some tours and things. Doesn't that sound fabulous for ME? (Maybe if I talk about winning enough, I actually will.)

You can also win other things. like a Kindle-type (maybe it actually is a Kindle) and a leather-bound version of The White Queen.

So click here to try for this wonderfulness (just make sure you're ok with me coming with you).

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