Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The One With Work

Let me tell you about the time that the website I work on had someone attack the server and send my head into complete "I have no idea what you're talking about IT guy" - mode. I do not speak HTML code or understand rewriting our website to keep out hackers. Yesterday was incredibly stressful (to say the least) so I never got out my weekend recap or my very important thoughts on the movie I saw this weekend. My to-do list just got a little bit out of control...

It's still not fixed, BUT I have awesome guys who DO understand things like HTML coding and hackers to fix it so right now I'm just monitoring how many people send emails to the site (annoying bad-guys).

The BF's friends from school were in town this weekend so Friday night I had a VERY long dinner at Zona Rosa followed by Billy's for 8th Street. His friend Edward met a very interesting woman who proceeded to inform him that she liked to have...well I'm not going to say that, but let's just say it was dirty (and involved multiple people). And then my friends met another woman in the bathroom who had clearly been drinking too much and wanted some friends to talk to.

Saturday I slept late, had lunch with my dad, had a second lunch (don't worry I didn't eat again) with friends at Sam's Super Samwiches, and then played golf drove a golf cart. Carts are actually very fun - more fun when they're moving because then it's not hot at blue blazes, but definitely fun.

Saturday night we had one giant meal at Surin, and then everyone was so exhausted we went home. It was amazing. I slept late on Sunday, finished my book and then went to hang out at the 'rents house.

Mom and I went to a movie. The Time Traveler's Wife. I'll tell you more about that later.

All in all, it was a great weekend. It was fun, I slept a lot, I finished my book and started a new one - generally did nothing of any importance which is the main point of a weekend, right?

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