Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The One With The Review

This morning I woke up, brushed out my hair, threw on something reasonably professional, and then finished my book. It was WONDERFUL. It follows the rise and fall of the Riverses, and Queen Elizabeth (Woodville) of York. The best part of this book is the entirely new cast of characters. I didn't recognize a single name until towards the end of the book, Thomas Howard and Henry Tudor show up. Apparently, according to Philippa's notes at the end of the book, the book includes a much larger percentage of fiction than the previous Boleyn books, mainly because there are very few sources who discuss this period of history (before the Tudor reign).

The books includes as much historical reality as possible - and it is certainly enough to make the book beyond believable, by the fiction aspect makes the book entertaining and suspenseful. This new series of books, The Cousin's War, is certain to follow an even more entertaining group of people. My only question is where these people I do recognize fall into place. I'm not sure how Philippa is going to keep Henry Tudor off the throne for two more books, but I guess she's figured that out...I wish she would call and ask for my opinion though!!

So - onto more important topics. We only had 6 comments, from 5 people, so I've put you all into random.org (don't worry, I didn't count Emmy twice)....and here's what came out.....


So the winner's are...Sara Emily and Dawson.

So both of you should read this, and then pass it along (or force people to purchase it) because it is so wonderful. I'll send your addresses off, and your books should arrive shortly. (Dawson, you're going to have to give me an address). But in other good news, someone can borrow mine now...

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